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Controlled Waste Carrier License

Minesite Recycling Pty Ltd has successfully achieved its licence to be a Controlled Waste Transport Carrier. Minesite Recycling is now able to assist many of our customers in so many new ways to help them reduce their impact on the environment and reduce their costs in recycling waste.

We are licensed to transport the following waste:

2.02 Contaminated soils (Class IV or V)

2.05 Containers or drums contaminated with residues of a controlled waste 

2.08 Industrial waste treatment plant sludge and residues

5 Paints and resins

5.02 Oil based paints (all options)

6.01 Oil interceptor waste

6.02 Oil/water mixtures

6.03 Oil sludge i.e. plate separators

6.04 Waste mineral oils unfit for their originally intended use

8.01 Engine coolants

13.11 Lead; lead compounds

13.12 Mercury

13.13 Metal carbonyls

13.14 Nickel compounds 

13.24 Zinc compounds

15.04 Waste resulting from surface treatment of metals and plastics

15.06 Waste tires


Licence Number T00606

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